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Opening commissions, only traditional art at this time. Only payable through Paypal. Prices as follows:

Chibi: cutsie chubby looking drawing of your character
      base = $5
      extra character = $5
      background = $15

Base: base drawing of your character, just linework
     base = $10
     extra character =$5
Bust: bust drawing of your character, chest up
     base = $15
     extra character = $5
     background = $20

Full Body: full body drawing of your character
     base =$15
     extra character = $10
     background = $25
I can't help  by Bloodcat101
I can't help
Falling in love with you

was listening to the song while I drew this
Neith reference sheet by Bloodcat101
Neith reference sheet


Name: Neith
Height: 5'6
Age: Appears to be in mid 20's (same age mentally), is actually over two thousand years old
Gender:  female
Town: MorranForest
Personality:Is the definition of insane. She is very spastic and known to have bouts of lunacy. She has moments of clear mindedness that can in an instant change to her doing something to makes you question why you began talking to her in the first place. 
Is there anything you feel very STRONGLY that your character NOT be drawn doing?: Romance, I'm sorry but she's not interested. Nothing against you, but she is more likely to bite you than kiss you. I don't mind violence or her doing something just off the wall. 

Neith's species is called Drarakus. They are a very long lived race, could be considered immortal. A type magikal being. Normally gifted individual's are born with companions. A familiar of sorts. Creeper is Neith's companion.  Species are all born with grey skin paired with some other color that is faded at extremities. Horns, one to three sets of any shape or size. Wings that are not capable of flight (they are for show and mating). Prehensile tails that are capable to holding their weight, carrying things and what not. Hair tends to be multicolored. 

Neith's eyes change when she is going into a lunatic bout or really ticked off. The pupil's dilate and the sclera  turn black. It is a good indication on the sanity level she is at when you are interacting with her.

Wears a necklace that was given to her at a young age by her father right before he died. It is very important to her as it is the only reminder of her father that she has.

Neith is poisonous. This is also why she is not so stable in the brain. After her father's death Neith lost it and spent most of her time out in the woods. She would eat almost anything, including poisonous plants and animals. Though not killing her, it did have a bad effect on her brain and body. Her system now craves this type of food. Her body demands it of her. So if you see her rooting around the forest floor nomming on some weird glowing plant, don't pay her any attention. Can also be found with her pipe in her mouth most of the time.

Has a small enchanted sack she wears on her side. It is a special little bag and I'm not giving away all her secrets yet. Just know there is a lot more on the inside that is humanly possible. No live stuff though. 

Has three wisps that follow her around. They are somewhat like Creeper, companions that live within the rings on her tail given to her by the high priestess from her land. They have a calming effect on Neith's mind.

Creeper will always be found somewhere near Neith. Their souls are connected and one cannot be without the other. He is a shadowy type of creature that can shift forms at will. But only into other feline type shapes. Light does not reflect off of him, but absorbs. The only color on him is his eyes that glow green and the two small spots of blue on his head.
Ghormac Whitefang by Bloodcat101
Ghormac Whitefang
Commission for Ghormac Whitefang on Furnation


Zuuliia Gloom
United States
Ok, so I am a freelance artist. I do all sorts of different types of art. Most of it is fantasy, mainly World of Warcraft and faeries, dragons, a bit or realism and things along that nature. I have currently been working with digital painting, I think it is coming along well. I do sell my stuff, so if you are interested send me a message here or at I also do commisions too.

Current Residence: Shadow
Favourite style of art: colored pencil, some acrylic painting, and photgraphy
Personal Quote: If you don't mess with your head, someone else will.

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 3, 2011, 2:49 PM

Squee!!! I got myself a Wacom tablet today!!! I know it has been quite a while since I have uploaded anything on da. Well that is because my comp decided to explode on me. So new laptop, awesome tablet, corel painter 11, omfg I am so set to get to work!!!  Lol, yeh if you can't tell I am uber excited.  So I am going to be hermeting in my room for a while painting away. Lets see what I can do with all my new stuff  ^_^

  • Mood: Excited

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